01/11 Catenaries and Sewing

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Here I am finishing up a batch of books, the last four copies of Brad & Amy, which I presented to a friend at his wedding in October. These copies are going an old mentor of mine and the author. Here the thread is being led through the center-hole.


Here I am leading the thread back through the hole at the top (or the bottom, whichever you prefer), then I will bring it through the center hole again, and back through the other hole on the other side before tying them off in a knot. So simple!


Of course, while you're sewing any books, from the chapbooks I'm doing to larger multi-signature tomes, it helps to keep the thread tight!


Yeah, I've got a thing for overhead wires. What gives?


Heading south along 19th Avenue towards Junipero Serra, along the Muni tracks.


Just because you can do whatever you want doesn't mean it deserves to be done. Or shown.

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