plumpy, megan, and elkinsd

Mission Statement: Skylab is a resource and gathering place on for exchanging information and activities surrounding the interests of technology, art, and community.

It was the beginning of something we weren't quite sure of.

In the Winter of 1996, we had all convened and created a multi-user Linux system around a tiny computer with only 16MB of RAM and a 170MB hard drive.

It grew. In early 1997, we were known as and hosted in a dorm room at the University of Portland. We started using it for mail and webserving, but it quickly outgrew the 170MB hard drive, so we added a 850MB drive as well. It grew and school politics caused us to move the box into the wings of the Hurrah Fold. By that time, it was at Oregon State University, and then to Digiwest.

People started stirring around the collective, joining in the geektalk chat whether they be a geek or not. We started hosting websites for projects we deemed important and worthwhile, like the Oregon Tradeswomen Network and the Rant humor e-zine.

Artists came onboard and we started hosting projects for them. Around that time, we decided that our own identity would be good as was growing in one direction and we were growing in another. So, we adopted the domain name SKYLAB.ORG in 1997. An era that still had names available, an era that still implied that .ORG domains were not profit making ventures.

Moving with Hurrah, we went to Aracnet, expanding into hosting mailing lists for groups of importance, adding functionality like webmail, functional and object-oriented language development environments, and cheeseburgers.

Now we're here in the present. We've mostly shedded our original name, MAGIC.HURRAH.COM, moved with Hurrah to colocate at a much better 24-hour server space. (We've since moved onto our own hosted space since 2008) Here's David Elkins of Hurrah doing some system maintenance. Hurrah is a world-class hosting-provider with customers in all continents but Antarctica.

We welcome new people and projects that coincide with our mission. Got an idea or suggestion? Let us know!